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Capital Improvement Building Fund

Thanks to your generous support, we have recently completed a brand new multipurpose building that can be used as a Cafeteria, Chapel, Gym, and Auditorium.

Renovations: Major renovations have occurred to our oldest building. A new library, new classrooms, and additional office space were recently added.

New Parking Lot and Entrance: Along with our brand new multipurpose building, a brand new parking lot was constructed to accommodate 88 parking spaces including specially designated handicap parking.

It is exciting to see all that God has in store for the continued growth of Holy Cross Christian Academy. And as we continue to grow, there will be a need to improve and expand our facilities. Thank you for your support and contributions to the Capital Building Fund.

Our Need for Expansion
Holy Cross Christian Academy is committed to providing our students with the best education in the best environment. For us, that means we must combine the best in educational practices with the Christian principles that every staff member embraces. This translates into a school environment that is distinctively different and unique. Our Holy Cross families are drawn to our small teacher-student ratios and our exciting student activities and athletics programs. But by far, our greatest strength is our school environment in which every student is known by name, celebrated for his or her unique gifts and talents, and embraced as an invaluable member of our school family.

This philosophy has served us well and Holy Cross has been blessed with consistent growth throughout our history. With that growth, it has become increasingly apparent that we need more educational space to continue our mission. In order to increase the breadth and depth of the influence of Holy Cross within our community, we hope to continue to grow and expand with new and improved facilities.

Our hope is that this building project would extend beyond our little school campus and involve the efforts and commitments of a broader support base. Our hope is that others will partner with us as we strive to provide children of all ages with a strong Christian foundation upon which each of them can build a solid future, and eventually, strong families. Our hope is that many will feel compelled to combine their resources with ours as we build a school that will produce students who will have a positive impact on their community for the rest of their lives. We believe amazing things await Holy Cross Christian Academy. Please join us as we work to build the future one student at a time.

Our History

In 1985, Holy Cross Episcopal Church of Burleson established a preschool program. Eleven years later, the school added a Kindergarten class and began a trend of school growth that would characterize Holy Cross Episcopal School for years to come. Ultimately, the school would serve students in preschool through the 5th grade. In 2005, the Episcopal Diocese of Ft Worth closed Holy Cross Episcopal Church, and by default, the school. In shock over the closure but realizing the opportunity, a small group of parents organized themselves, established Holy Cross Christian Academy as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and began searching for a new home. Crestmont Baptist Church graciously opened their education wing to the HCCA for the 2005-2006 school year.

In April of 2006, Holy Cross Christian Academy purchased the old Olympic Skating Rink at 1233 Tarver Road. Against all odds, the school was able to completely remodel the skating rink into a school and open its doors in less than four months using the skills and volunteer labor of many parents. God's powerful presence with Holy Cross was clearly evident during that summer as those involved in the project witnessed one miracle after another completing the work in such a short amount of time. This project would never have happened without God's help and innumerable sacrifices from the families of Holy Cross at that time.

In 2013, ground was broken to begin the construction of the new multipurpose building. The cost of this new multipurpose building was over $1 million dollars. Our new multipurpose facility, Building 413, was completed in 2014.

The summer of 2015 saw major renovations to the old building with the completion of a new library, additional classrooms, and a conference room.

Currently, Holy Cross Christian Academy serves children in preschool through the 8th grade, with an enrollment of over 200 students. Add to that a staff of 30, and Holy Cross is an active and busy school enriching the lives of children and families.

The Future

As we rejoice in seeing how God has provided for our needs throughout the history of Holy Cross Christian Academy, we understand there are still other capital needs that need to be addressed. It is our desire to continue to provide our students with the best education in the best environment, but in order to do that, we need your continued financial support. Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of the ongoing legacy of Holy Cross.