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Making Donations to Holy Cross

Thank you for your generosity.
We want to thank you for your generous donation to Holy Cross Christian Academy. The school could not function as it does without your support. Thank You!

Holy Cross currently has two different funds that you can support.
1) Annual Check Writing Campaign - supports this school year's operations budget.
2) Capital Improvement Building Fund - supports the ongoing facility improvement projects.

There are two ways that you may give to Holy Cross:

1) You can donate online with the credit or debit card of your choice. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express credit cards at this time.
2) You can mail a check or money order to Holy Cross.
Holy Cross Christian Academy
P.O. Box 3113
Burleson, TX 76097

Donations to Holy Cross are 100% tax deductible!

Holy Cross Christian Academy, Inc., EIN 20-3030619, is a tax-exempt organization pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and is organized under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act for the sole purpose of providing education in a Christian environment. All charitable contributions made to Holy Cross Christian Academy are deductible for federal income tax purposes in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 170(a)(1).