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The Philosophy of Holy Cross

The philosophy of Holy Cross is to provide the best education in the best environment. We truly focus on developing and nurturing every aspect of your child. We strive to prepare our students to become the next generation of Christian leaders who will make a lasting impact in our world.

Below are the qualities that make Holy Cross special and unique in our approach to education.

Holy Cross Distinctives

Christian Education
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY pursues a comprehensive educational curriculum that is fused with a biblical world view. Holy Cross students study the world from a Christ-centered perspective which fosters enduring wisdom, discipline and faith.
Christian Leadership
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY expects school administrators and faculty to model and inspire excellence through their Christ-like example, intellectual curiosity, lifelong learning, and disciplined leadership.
Christian Stewardship
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY depends upon responsible leadership that consistently provides a valuable education and offers a return on the investment made by families that meets or exceeds expectations.
Christian Diversity
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is an independent, inter-denominational Christian school that is available to families regardless of their race or ethnicity.
Christian Maturity
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY seeks to foster in individuals a mature faith and a daily walk with Jesus Christ by encouraging the development of spiritual disciplines—prayer, Bible study, worship, evangelism, stewardship and service.
Christian Potential
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY values people and encourages individuals to identify and use his/her God-given gifts to the best of his/her ability, helping everyone to reach their full potential in God.
Christian Partnerships
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY recognizes and supports the biblical responsibility entrusted to the parent to educate their child and holds in trust the partnership between families, churches, and the community in the educational process of our children.
Maximum Learning Opportunities
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is committed to enacting policies and procedures that promote the best atmosphere for learning, including class size, class schedule, after-school activities and tutoring.
Focus on Learning
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY maintains high expectations for student learning with visible and continuous efforts to measure and improve, providing students a solid foundation so that, in the future, they will be enabled to successfully complete their education at the college of their choosing.
Safe and Orderly Environment
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMYimplements disciplinary procedures that treat all students as God’s children and that teaches and expects behavior that is proper for ladies and gentlemen of honor.
Quality People
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY consistently provides our students with an exceptional professional staff that is educated, committed and equipped to be rated among the best.
Quality Curriculum
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY consistently cultivates a curriculum program in which students are encouraged to develop all of their abilities—intellectual, artistic, spiritual—using the best strategies, tools, and technology available.
Quality Facilities
HOLY CROSS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY develops and responsibly maintains facilities that support and reflect the school’s vision and mission.

More Information

If you have any questions or need further information concerning Holy Cross Christian Academy, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you make the best decision for your child's education needs.

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